Capped Drawdown Income Calculator

Last updated: 01/10/2018

The purpose of this Capped Drawdown Income Calculator is to help you to determine the maximum allowable annual income that can be taken from a Capped Drawdown Pension Plan.

The calculator uses the Capped Drawdown GAD interest rate applicable for this month but also shows the maximum allowable annual income for a range of GAD interest rates (from 0.25% to 8%).


Please note that the GAD tables were amended on 1 July 2017. For more information visit:


Current Age:


Value of Pension Fund To Be Used To Provide An Income




Important Notes

The figures produced by this calculator are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute advice or a recommendation to use a Capped Drawdown plan to provide your retirement income.

Although we have made every effort to ensure that the figures produced by this calculator are accurate, you should not rely upon them solely to make financial decisions.

For more precise figures you should obtain an illustration from a Capped Drawdown provider or financial adviser.

This Capped Drawdown Income Calculator uses the 2011 HMRC Drawdown Pension Tables (extended yield version - 1st July 2017) for ages 23 to 85 and over and calculates the income based on 150% of the GAD maximum allowable income.

It also uses the the Gilt Yield/GAD Rate that applies for this month.

The income figures shown are gross.